At Regeneration, environmentalist Paul Hawken leads an extraordinary team aiming to respond to the urgency of the climate crisis by reversing a pattern of global degeneration. Regeneration describes a system of interlocking initiatives that can stem the climate crisis in one generation.

In Paul’s words: “This is a watershed moment in history where all of humanity has come together, whether we realize it or not. The heating planet is our commons. It holds us all. To address and reverse warming requires connection and reciprocity. It calls for moving out of our comfort zones to find a depth of courage we may have never known. It doesn’t mean being right in a way that makes others wrong; it means listening intently and respectfully, stitching together the broken strands that separate us from life and each other. It doesn’t mean hope or despair; it calls for action that is courageous and fearless.”

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“Putting life at the center of every action and decision.”