Africa Foundation

Africa Foundation (AF) identifies and funds projects in the communities surrounding wildlife conservation areas in Africa. AF supports projects in the areas of education, healthcare and clean water, income generating activities, and wildlife and the environment. The Aileen Getty Foundation is supporting Africa Foundation’s efforts to directly address the protection of the environment through education programs that build relationships between rural communities and conservation projects. Teaching children from a young age enables the development of positive behaviors and habits in the way individuals view and interact with the environment. The program empowers communities to identify and evaluate the risk of behaviors that contribute to climate change.

The Aileen Getty Foundation also participated in the Rhinos Without Borders program to safely translocate 100 rhinos from south Africa to the safe haven of Botswana, away from the threat of poaching. We are also supporting a partnership between Africa Foundation and Oceans Without Borders to assesses and protect the coastline and marine life in northern Mozambique.

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“Protecting the environment and supporting communities in Africa.”