CA Climate Action Corps


Recognizing that climate change is a growing threat to systems and people across California, Governor Gavin Newsom established the nation’s first climate service corps. To help launch the initiative which is managed through the Americorps program, Aileen and a few other philanthropists contributed funds which helped to unlock public money for the effort.

California Volunteers, within the Office of the Governor, designed California Climate Action Corps to create opportunities for all Californians to engage in meaningful climate action in three areas: serving, volunteering, and taking action. Since 2021, hundreds of AmeriCorps fellows have served in frontline and low-income communities across the state to support local climate action projects. In partnership with VolunteerMatch, California Volunteers has also established a statewide online hub of climate-focused volunteer opportunities. California’s Climate Action Corps has become a model for other states and for a national climate corps.

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“Empowering Californians to take meaningful action to safeguard the climate.”